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Artificial Turf Installation for Pet Areas in Arlington

If you need artificial pet turf installation in Arlington, TX, we’ve got you covered! Arlington Artificial Turf Installation Experts provide quality grass installation services that your pet would love. Whether you’re designing a pet area in your home, backyard, patio, or deck, or you own a dog park, vet clinic, dog daycare, and pet care facility, getting an artificial grass installation is a fantastic way to improve it.

With our pet fake grass installation services, you can enjoy aesthetic and functional benefits. We provide you with the look of real grass but with the minimal maintenance and durability of synthetic grass. Contact us for your pet turf installation today.

Artificial Pet Turf in Arlington, Texas

At Arlington Artificial Turf Installation Experts, we provide you with an attractive, easy, and green solution for you and your pets. Everyone hates when their pet makes a mess in the yard or brings mud into a house after it rains. You can avoid this with our synthetic pet turf installations. We have different fake grass options that are designed just for pets.

Our artificial grass for the backyard is designed with durable and high-quality materials, no matter how many times they run across it. It can withstand heavy traffic and is also waterproof. Since the artificial turf for the yard drains quickly, it prevents puddles from forming and won’t bring mud into the house.

With our carefully designed grass installation services, we provide you and your pets with an amazing area to play. We offer these services to residential and commercial pet areas. If you’re running a vet clinic or a pet daycare center, you can rely on our grass installation to keep the pets safe and have fun.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

There are different benefits of getting an artificial pet turf installation for your Arlington home or pet facility. These include:

Requires Little Maintenance

Our high-quality pet turf requires very little maintenance, especially since it is artificial grass. It does not need any chemicals like herbicide and pesticide, which isn’t safe for pets. It is also made with polypropylene which is easy to clean when picking after the pet.

Safe and Clean

At Arlington Artificial Turf Installation Experts, we make use of fake grass installation that is chemical-free and toxic-free. It comes with an antimicrobial surface, so this prevents bacteria growth on the grass that can harm your pets.

Highly Durable

We provide only the highest-quality artificial grass products that would look great for years! Your pets and you can enjoy the green and lush turf installation, as it is resistant to wear and tear.


We also provide lawn grass installation that is resistant to moisture. This prevents the problem of mud and puddles that dogs usually like jumping in. Your pet can play without getting themselves or your house dirty.


Our experts also handpick environmentally friendly artificial grass for your home or pet care facility. With no need for fertilizing or watering, you can benefit from an eco-friendly solution.


We provide turf installation for dogs in different types, textures, and colors, so it would blend perfectly with your lawn. Our artificial turf cost is also affordable and won’t break the bank.

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If you’re in need of artificial turf installation for dogs and other pets, we’ve got you covered! Contact us for your artificial grass installation services, and we’ve got you covered. We would get your pet care facility and home looking amazing and green with the new grass.